EEE505 Lab 

The core of ICRS is the robotics lab in EEE505. This space houses all of ICRS’s equipment and acts as space for members to work on projects, coursework, or just to hang out. The lab contains 3D printers, a laser cutter, soldering/hardware benches, electronics test equipment and much more. It is a high-energy, friendly environment, where members of every experience level are welcome to jump in and start building things; there’s always something cool going on. Historically, the lab has also been the temporary home of several other college projects before they gained their own dedicated spaces, such as the Advanced Hackspace and the Robot Intelligence Lab. 

Lab Access for the Fall Term 

Due to Covid-19, lab access is currently restricted. We are working closely with the department to decide when and how to begin reopening the lab to members. In the meantime, we will be running a remote printing service for our members as well as moving all our social events and robotics/industry talks online.

We can’t wait to get back to building robots, but as always, the safety of our members is the priority. 

Laser Cutter

ICRS has a Universal Laser Systems laser cutter. This can cut plywood, acrylic, cardboard, etc. The lab has a stock of plywood and acrylic that can be bought. 

You must complete a separate laser cutter induction before you can operate the Laser. 

3D Printing

ICRS owns  

  • 4x Prusa mk3s  
  • 1x Prusa mk2 
  • 2x UP minis 
  • 1x Flashforge Creator Pro 

The printers are available along with an assortment of filament for members to buy and use. You must take a 3D printer induction before operating the printers.

Remote Printing Service

During the fall term, ICRS will be running a remote printing service. This will allow people to submit files, and pick up the finished prints from the lab in a safe, socially distanced manner.

*Provided we get permission from the departmentRead more about this service and how to order a print: here. (insert link) 


Soldering Station / Hardware Bench 

Several soldering stations are available for members to do electronics work on. These have soldering irons, flux, solder wicks, and assorted small gauge wire. 


The hardware bench is perfect for woodworking and light metal working. It contains several clamps, a drill, a dermel, and a saw. Hot glue guns are also available. Next to the bench is a hardware tower that contains various bolts, nuts and electronic components. 


A detailed list of the equipment in ICRS is coming soon. 


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