At ICRS we focus on creating events for our members that are both instructive, engaging, awesome and lots of fun! 

Each term we try to offer a wide array of diverse events ranging from socials, challenges, workshops, talks to excursions and more.  

Some examples from previous years have been a Halloween & Christmas social, workshops led by our sponsor ARM, talks by Imperial College professors and our Freshers Fair Challenge.   

ICRS events are still going strong remotely! Interested in attending one of our events? Simply register on here

2019 - Sumobot A
2019 - Sumobot B
2019 - Sumobot C
2019-20 Freshers Challenge A
2019-20 Freshers Challenge B
2019-20 Freshers Challenge C
2018-19 Arm talk
2019-20 A
2019-20 B
2018-19 Handover Dinner

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